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Fusion Fitness is designed with member comfort in mind. Our clubs are a safe, clean and friendly workout environment close to home, with full locker room amenities. Members have the flexibility to use the facility as if it were in their very own home.

We know that working out is work. We provide Fusion Fitness members with a stimulating environment and attractive and easy to use exercise equipment with features to help them achieve their fitness goals. Members can rely on the guidance of professionally trained staff to assist with fitness, cardio and strength training programs. We aim to strengthen members with healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles that will support them every minute of every day.

Fusion Fitness operates on a different philosophy that total well being involves the mind, body and spirit. We are firm believers in charity and we encourage both personal and club involvement in local charitable organizations. Each club is designed to be a part of the neighborhood it serves – adding a unique aspect of “giving back” that most fitness clubs do not provide.

Fusion Fitness recognizes the need to share their resources and assets, including people, products, services, expertise and influence with the community. We believe that no better way exists to feel more connected as a company than by doing community service or charitable work together. We pledge to commit valuable funds and resources as needed to be an active force in promoting a positive result and purpose.


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